Urgent: Reach out to the Dreamcade community please

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Urgent: Reach out to the Dreamcade community please

Post by halloweenman1 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:44 pm

Steve Harvey- “You have all of the programming worked out?”
Mike- “The programming, the electronics, all of that is worked out”
-Funderdome summer 2017.
It is now fall 2019 and nothing seems to be worked out.

It’s hard not to think that maybe the only reason you wanted funding to build this, was to create a cheaper pc option that you could use in all of your main Arcade cabinets. Let’s face it, that’s your “bread & butter” company (the cabinets) so this little side project (the replays) was only created to benefit your main sector of the company. Now that you received your funding and figured out how to manufacture it smaller and on the cheap, you left everything else in the dark.
Time and time again we get the same excuses:
“Well we just don’t have enough people at the company to update the product or backers.
"Well it’s the holidays so we have to shift our focus to the arcade cabinet sales.
"Well something happened and I had to step away....for months on end”
Each time there’s another new excuse. Trust me, I 100% understand that stuff does happen, whether at work or in your personal life but just remember that the replay wouldn’t have even come to be, if it weren’t for the backers to give you the rest of the funding. Let’s not forget the $100k prize money from Funderdome as well. Just be honest with everyone and check in every couple weeks, that truly would go a long way for any business.
I really hate to call anyone out but this is getting to the point of no return with the device. You have a community of backers that truly believe in your company and product, yet you don’t even bother to reach out to their concerns. From the internal fans breaking, power cords not working or programs freezing up, you have yet to reach out to anyones issues or even come close to fixing the addressed problem. Screen tearing is a common thing now and the controller configs still have major issues.
Just the usual once a year software bug fix with the tagline saying “Well...the next patch should fix all of the above issues.”
However Mireille & Pasta have been amazing for taking the weight off of YOUR shoulders and trying their best to remedy most of everyones problems.
Bottom line though, nobody should have to purchase an item to then be told “just add another program to it like retroarch” since the intended interface isn’t working.
Could you imagine Sega saying this in a few weeks when they release their mini console? Of course not, right? Or any video game company, big or small.
That’s nothing against Pasta or Mireille either, because they truly are doing their best. They didn’t create the replay so it’s not their fault on recommending another interface option. It’s just not what everyone bought into. Sure we all knew that this wasn’t gonna to be a plug n play system but neither was it intended to be a “Do It Yourself” one either.

You rushed everything while in China and for what? Should’ve just delayed the whole project but instead we got an off the shelf, basic (hockey puck) mini pc with a broken software interface.
Like I’ve stated before, hiccups happen but when you just flat out ignore the people that backed you, then you are no different than all the other retro gaming Kickstarters that have unfortunately folded up.
Simply put, just reach out. Let everyone know exactly what’s happening otherwise you might as well just do a buy back program since so many are trying to depart with their device.
I appreciate any solutions that may come in the future. I for one want to see the replays be a success for you and all of us that is part of the dreamcade community.

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