Unopened Replay NIB.

If you have hardware related issues with your Replay unit then look here for answers. If you can't find your answer, then make a post and someone will help you out.
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Unopened Replay NIB.

Post by jmny6411 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:04 am

I am an original backer... I have never opened or booted it.
I have some time now
I want to use this as the core of my hand built mini cocktail I have two MagStick pros with street fighter layout buttons and JPAC to USB board from Ulitimarc and a DVI /VGA monitor. I had an old laptop with Win 7 and MAME 64UI.

But I am reading so many Horror stories on the KickStarter site of problems.

Can someone please give me some good advice on the following:

Question 1) When I turn it on what should I do to have the best experience (I want multiple emulators / games)?

Question 2) Should I patch it or just keep the original firmware?

Question 3) Should I hack it with the RetroArch/Launch Box tips from WheatPasta?

I really would appreciate constructive suggestions for an NIB first use at this time Jan 2019

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Post by WheatPasta » Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:03 pm

jmny6411 wrote:
Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:04 am
Should I hack it with the RetroArch/Launch Box tips from WheatPasta?
Hey that's me.
Most of what I mention here is going to be what I would advise most people with a Replay do in general.

If it were me and I was putting it in an always on cocktail I would set it up as follows.

First I would consider putting in an mSATA. Then installing Windows to the mSATA using the Windows Media Creation tool. I recommend this to everyone in general, but even more so here since it is going to be inside an enclosure. This way you won't have to worry about Windows updates or any programs causing space issues. Sort of a future proof now not have to worry about it later. Also on the matter of space I would pick up the hard drive bay on Amazon if you did not originally order one and install a hard drive in there.

Next I would again drop my usual of adding a wireless keyboard. This way with it all closed up you can still tinker in menus and type or edit things if need be. Having something like a K400 Plus plugged in and the keyboard stashed out of sight until you need it would come in handy at some point I would imagine.

When it comes to LaunchBox Retro Arch this one might be a little tougher in your case. If you want to keep the immersion that a cocktail cab would go for you would want to run Big Box. However Big Box is a little RAM hungry, and it does cost money for a license to enable Big Box. I just use the regular LaunchBox UI myself, but the regular look might not feel right in your cocktail. I believe Raul Julia Lives is using a Big Box theme that works well. You might want to get in touch with him on here or on Discord.

Lastly since it is going to be in a cocktail I would consider sort of blowing it open. The stock fan can spin up and down a bit it can also be a little loud at times. In an open space it's not too bad, but being inside a set up I would take a look at doing something to keep it more cool and quiet. I am guessing no one will see it inside so I would take the top off, install a passive heatsink over the processor, and run something like this on top. This should keep noise down, and also keep things running cooler. One of mine were set up like this using an old 120 MM PC case fan and a fan pin to USB connector.

This would leave you two USB ports for each of your JPAC to USB board set ups. Of course testing them to make sure they work before putting everything in, but since this is basically a Windows PC everything should be fine.
Hope this helps.
If you are having a software problem be it front end, Windows, or want to try RetroArch and LauchBox but need help feel free to contact me. Post on the forum, PM here, or on Discord. I will be more then happy to do my best to get you sorted.

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