Found out where all of the backer money has been going! Thanks Dreamcade

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Found out where all of the backer money has been going! Thanks Dreamcade

Post by halloweenman1 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:00 pm

So I found an article on the Dream arcades Facebook page that explained what big Mike and his goons have been up to. Apparently they have decided to take the whole “screenshot your cartridge” idea and turn it into a phone app that will do nothing but give info and useless knowledge about the pictured game. Now it all FINALLY makes sense. They decided to swindle us into buying their dreamcade, collect the cash & crank out a garbage product to then abandon the whole project (because they don’t what the hell they're doing) and finally take the remaining backer money and try to dump it into a rip-off app.

These guys really need to stop scamming people. I mean they’re whole arcade company can’t even compete in today’s market with others like arcade1up because at least they deliver what they promised and then some. I posted a link to the article at the bottom so you can see for yourself. If it doesn’t work it’s on their Facebook page. Understand that I almost never rag on any company like this but it’s just not right to be feed all of these lies to then just”poof”...disappear and act like nothing ever happened.

If they’d just stick to one project at a time and follow through with the people that gave them the means to proceed with their plans, then we might’ve actually had something that was at least halfway decent. I don’t know what their deal is, I’ve talked with a lot of backers and they’ve mentioned how dream arcades is blocking everyone on social media sites that complains about getting ripped off from the dreamcade mess. They just don’t want anyone to call them out and actually want to silence anyone that questions their motives.

Of course it’s just a game company and it’s nothing major but simply just STOP scamming people with your snake oil ideas! Mike might be a nice guy for all I know BUT he sure has a horrible way of proving it when it comes to business. For once, DreamArcades crew, do the right thing & don’t ever do this to people again. Just don’t bite the hand that feeds you or in our case with dreamcade, vomit on the hand that feeds you. Only time will tell if they turn a new leaf but for now I can’t support a company that flat out craps on their customers. ... d-app.html
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